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The Indonesia Preprint Server

Preprint is not a substitute for peer-reviewed papers, but it can speed up claims of research results. In collaboration with OSF preprints (Open Science Framework),  Dasapta Erwin Irawan and his team have initiated INA-Rxiv as the first preprint server in Indonesia. When the system setup processes smoothly, then you can immediately upload your research results for free, DOI, and can be cited. It is FREE for everyone.

Why did is this start?
The team felt the academic world had been too long constrained by the measures (metrics) of western performance. However, the perceived impact is misconceptions about this metric which then leads to perception, “better not to write, than to produce unindexed writing”. The worse yet, this view resulted in works in Bahasa Indonesia not being the first choice, although the community will more easily digest the results of research when written in Bahasa Indonesia.

Why preprint?
Preprint has become a global phenomenon. Although it will not replace peer-reviewed papers, and preprint assessed can accelerate the delivery of knowledge. Claims research results can be published without having to wait for a long peer-review process. The preprint is also expected to draw in inputs before papers are submitted formally to undergo peer-reviewed proceedings.

Preprint is not really a new item. ArXiv (spelt as “archive”) is the pioneer, a preprint server in the field of mathematics, physics, and astrophysics that has been established since 1991.

How to license a preprint?
Preprint licenses uploaded to INA-Rxiv are the CC-BY (Creative Commons Attribution) to ensure the freedom to reuse, redistribute, redistribute for various commercial and non-commercial uses, as long as the source.
How can you help?
  1. Add questions on the FAQ page (questionnaire link).
    as a volunteer moderator: Although preprint papers do not undergo peer-reviewed, but we will moderate incoming documents using some simple criteria: clearly the author, affiliates and contact information (at least email), clear the field of knowledge, and have a clear scientific component ( consists of introduction, method, data, and analysis).
  2. As volunteer promoters at their respective institutions: They expect many papers to come from students as a result of undergraduate and postgraduate study processes, in line with the obligation to produce publications before being graduated.
  3. Please add your name in this Google Sheet file.

Notes are taken and translated from  Dasapta Erwin Irawan’s site.

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