Twelve tips for getting your manuscript published

The author shares twelve practical tips on how to navigate the process of getting a manuscript published. These tips, which apply to all fields of academic writing, advise that during the initial preparation phase authors should:

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(1) plan early to get it out the door;

(2) address authorship and writing group expectations up front;

(3) maintain control of the writing;

(4) ensure complete reporting;

(5) use electronic reference management software;

(6) polish carefully before they submit;

(7) select the right journal; and

(8) follow journal instructions precisely. Rejection after the first submission is likely, and when this occurs authors should

(9) get it back out the door quickly, but first

(10) take seriously all reviewer and editor suggestions. Finally, when the invitation comes to revise and resubmit, authors should

(11) respond carefully to every reviewer suggestion, even if they disagree, and

(12) get input from others as they revise. The author also shares detailed suggestions on the creation of effective tables and figures, and on how to respond to reviewer critiques.

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