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[Science] Sci-Hub’s cache of pirated papers is so big, subscription journals are doomed, data analyst suggests

This is an interesting news to read on Science and if you are an avid alternative researcher to search for those materials.  Below is a chat with ScienceInsider with bio data scientist Daniel Himmelstein at the University of Pennsylvania.  If you li...

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Twelve tips on writing abstracts and titles: How to get people to use and cite your work

The authors share 12 practical tips on creating effective titles and abstracts for a journal publication or conference presentation.

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Twelve tips for getting your manuscript published

The author shares twelve practical tips on how to navigate the process of getting a manuscript published.

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Top Ten Hints on Building Your Academic Reputation

[It's not you, It's your data. By Robert Macintosh] By about the mid-point of your PhD journey, it becomes apparent that getting a successful completion signals not the end per se, but the end of the beginning. 

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8 good reasons for doing your literature review using ATLAS.ti 8 Windows

The literature review stage is inevitable in any research process, in fact, it is a highly important stage in doing research.

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